i'm luis ignacio, a theoretical physicist fascinated by symmetries of the spacetime continuum.

i indulge the brain with patterns, creation and destruction of things, mostly with software.

A number theory
Mar 1st, 2018
The Driving Force of Sentient beings on Earth
or not.
It's not sex or preservation of information. It does take part of the cake, though. It's not survival. At some point because we are self-aware beings we can't handle the reality of stop existing at some point. But the mind figured out how to keep going, how to survive our material destiny: the tangible and the intangible. For tangible: everything we create in this reality as tangible stuff. For intagible: every idea or beliefs we have created. That is the so called: legacy.

tools I use for mass creation
-- Ruby, Golang, Rust, Elixir, Javascript.

tools I use for mass deployment
-- AWS Route 53, AWS RDS, AWS EC2, AWS S3.
-- Digital Ocean.
-- Heroku.
-- Docker.

how to reach me
-- code together: github|gitlab
-- keep in touch: e-mail
-- send a raven: Tulipanes 3401, Monterrey, Mexico, CP 64770
-- buy me books: amazon