i'm luis ignacio, a theoretical physicist fascinated by symmetries of the spacetime continuum.

i indulge the brain with patterns, creation and destruction of things, mostly with software.

A number theory

three goals before I die
-- analogies for non-human minds: something amazing with artificial intelligence or just intelligence.
-- to go where no man has gone before: who doesn't want to go Mars?
-- the cosmos is a free lunch: to build warp drives or at least to make the theory a reality.

tools I use for mass creation
-- Ruby, Golang, Rust, Elixir, Javascript.

tools I use for mass deployment
-- AWS Route 53, AWS RDS, AWS EC2, AWS S3.
-- Digital Ocean.
-- Heroku.
-- Docker.

open source I have been part of
-- Whales
-- The Clowder
-- Morii
-- r2x
-- Interfactura
-- Plugs
-- Watson Ruby Wrappers: Thanatos, Psyche, Nix, Pythia, Pandorha, Pandorha, Lamia, Hemera.

products I have been part of
-- Ticktic
-- Conarte
-- Tap to Fund
-- Okudoc
-- Cochi
-- Well Data
-- Bitacora

questions I try to ask myself
-- What has each belief cost you in the past, and what has it cost people you’ve loved in the past?
-- What have you lost because of this belief?
-- What is each costing you and people you care about in the present?
-- What will each cost you and people you care about one, three, five, and 10 years from now?

Destroy all your beliefs only to create new ones.

advices I try to follow
-- Have the courage to pursue your ideas.
-- Try a new approach.
-- Believe in meaningful work.
-- Constantly revise your conclusions.
-- Distinguish yourself from others.
-- Explore.
-- Be patient.
-- Understand the rules of business.
-- Outwork others.
-- Shift your thinking.
-- Focus on quality, not speed.
-- Learn storytelling.
-- Evolve.
-- Make sense of criticism.
-- Be a rebel.
-- Find your place.
-- Train yourself.
-- Be restless.
-- Organize yourself.
-- Cooperate.
-- Give up things that hurt you.
-- Speak from the heart.

quotes I try to live by
-- Collect questions, not answers.
-- The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.
-- I don't know what's the matter with people: they don't learn by understanding, they learn by some other way — by rote or something. Their knowledge is so fragile!
-- If you have to judge someone, judge them by the questions they have not by the answer they give.
-- It was indeed an epic mistake coming down from the trees.
-- I'm a vegan, I eat books.
-- When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
-- Everything we do as a civilization is merely to avoid to commit suicide.
-- No one owes me anything.
-- I'm not the strongest. I'm not the fastest. But I'm really good at suffering.
-- Everyone is interesting. If you're ever bored in a conversation, the problem is you, the other person.
-- It's the hard part that creates value.
-- You are more powerful than you think you are. Act accordingly.
-- The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.
-- What you seek is seeking you.
-- Being an entrepreneur is being willing to do a job that nobody else wants to do, in order to be able to live the rest of your life doing whatever you want to do.
-- Everything came when I completely dove in fearlessly and made the content that I needed to make as a kind of artist...I got out of my own way. I stopped doubting myself, and the universe winked at me when I did that, so to speak.
-- We are simultaneously gods and worms.

how to reach me
-- thoughts: blog
-- code together: github
-- keep in touch: e-mail
-- make connection: linked in
-- send a raven: Tulipanes 3401, Monterrey, Mexico, CP 64770