These are things in my head, don't take them too seriously. Bear in mind that, actually, I have no idea what I am saying.

An Oxide Computer

Dear Luis I hate the interview process now more than ever. Almost all the response to my applications are templates.
I understand that sometimes companies have so many applications to review but I think it's better not to reply and assume that you are not goog enough.
I hate because now I cannot appreciate that reply from Oxide.Computer. All I'm thinking in is this is just a template.

I wasn't expecting any answer from them.
I'm stupid.
I have zero skills for them.
I just applied to share my feelings about a post from their blog and how it hits me very hard in the core. It made me believe in the industry again.

I hate myself even more for not allowing myself to doubt that maybe they did mean to reply that and it's not another template.

We are so humbled by your application to join Oxide Computer Company. At this stage of the company we are hyper-focused on certain areas of the stack and when we need specific domain space experience such as yours, please engage with us. Our roles will be updated as we need them.

We are grateful you took the time to apply and put so much thought into the candidate materials, we loved reading them. We would absolutely love to work with you in the future and cannot wait for that stage of the company!

All the best,

The Oxide Team