One of the beliefs I currently hold is that the more you read, the more you're starting to see things more hmm holistically. You see connections here and there from completely unrelated fields. My bet is that the brain or the structure that holds knowledge does not know which is what. It take the input, connect them, and give an output regardless of what the input was. What I find interesting is how I came to believe that.

It came by merging a few unrelated fields!

The first realization was that people who were blind since birth dream with noises. No image. It makes sense since the brain doesn't have any visual input to distort or play with.

The second realization was what happen when you get into the dark tank and inhibit senses, external stimuli. You start hallucinating. I don't know if that is because of the lack of stimuli but I thought of what a blind person could hallucinate. I thought of sound like what they dream, nothing else.

And the third realization was that the brain creates the reality based on the senses or input.

I don't remember the order in which I learned those things but once I got the last one, the belief poped up into my head. It just made sense.

My mind was playing with things but it was not aware or know the rules to what to mix with or not mix with. To what to relate or not to relate. To what make sense to play or not. It just does it.

What could possible find if I read more unrelated fields, I wonder.