These are things in my head, don't take them too seriously. Bear in mind that, actually, I have no idea what I am saying.

A Complicated Airflow

Not only interviews are an exhausting process. Most companies provide what I think is legally a feedback, however, to me, it's just words with no content at all.

Take for example:

Hey, the platform is not working.

That message was provided by someone in the channel where you report issues in the platform. First, since you are writting a message in that particular channel, the implicit meaning is that it must be related to the platform plus that's something is not working. So, the message even though is say something it provides nothing at all. We all know something is not working, you are writting the channel where you report issues. We get nothing by stating the obvious (exhibit A).

When it comes to feedback interviews you get something as follow:

Hi human,

Although they were very impressed by your background and motivation we had other candidates that were better to the role. Therefore I regret to say that we won't take your application further for this role.

We wish you all the best for the future.

Best regards,

Another human

Again, the email is saying stuff but there is no real content, no real feedback. In their defense, companies get sue all the time.

So, we have a problem but people and companies take advantage of that. The solution? Use words, complicated airflows, to say nothing at all and be legally absolved. It's more like a patch because it doesn't fix the real issue.