Patterns and Relation
It was a Saturday when this shit was typed

As we already know the brain is a powerful pattern recognition machine. Sometimes the brain see pattern where there are not. It should be sort of obvious that in order to distinguise we need to see them as separate. Reality, existence, in other words, it's a relation. The comparision between things is what makes them. One cannot be without the other.

In order to be order, it has to be disorder.

In order to be happy, we most know what other feelings are. One feeling cannot be without the others.

But to know things, to see things, to understand things, we see them one by one and we forget that they are a whole. Why? I guess because it's easy or cost less energy.

My point is that that is our modus operandi, all the time. And I believe it is also the main reason of our most likely future extinction (and many more species too).

It means that we created things, we did things by see them isolated. But hardly things are isolated. Everything seems to be a network, networks of networks, and so on.

It means that every action has ripple effects propagation through space and time.

Economics is basically that: the relation of all the things in our civilization. That's why it's hard to predict, there are too many variables entangled.

So… There is local store near my home. Every day many people by food in plastic containers. They are sold by hundreds every single day. I'm sure the owner and his clients are very happy. But they are seeing only one part of the picture (isolation). They are not seeing how the process of creating the food (food chain), the process of the plastic container has very importan repercusion in their lives perhaps not now but in the future. All they see is a happy meal. The store owner see profits.

I'm sure it's a good business… for how long? to what cause? Do people question that? How things are made? Where they go?

We need to see things as systems.

We need to start thinking in systems.

We need system thinking. I know it might be too late. And I know that hope is just an illusion.

What else is left?

If you see a picture of the universe, you will see a similar red as the one fungi creates. If you see the neurons, you will see a similar network…

Maybe the nature of things is that: a relation.

Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future. Sonmi-451