It was a Monday when this shit was typed

I've noticed that companies have a diff definition of what a SR is (or involves). The job requirements, then, are relative and full of assumptions which to me it's fine. In my interviews I said I'm not a Sr. See my code, see my tests, and then you tell me about what I'm to ya. Naturally, a few didn't want it to continue. Some understood and move forward. And just a few agreed and had a long conversation about how the recruitment process was broken.

To me, all this specification and requirements and such have a hidden reason. Fear which leads to the concept of security. And, again, that's fine.

I've been thinking on this idea: I will personally interview people. I will connect in a human level. I will be honest. And I will be choosing people based on their weakness and not on what they are good at.


Because I think you learn more from your weakness than your strength.

Because it's when you are down that you can grow.

You don't win by winning. You win by losing because you learn the most.

If some of the people that I interview is very be bad at self-disciple then I have an opportunity to help her o him become a master and when he or she leaves the company, it will be a better human being for our civilization.

Things are not isolated.

If I don't take an opportunity with the people that it's being rejected by the normal hiring process, who will? Yes i will take my a lot of effort, money, and time but it is worth doing. I do believe this. It is not my job but it's a cause I'm willing to fight for.

Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future. Sonmi-451