Constantly Changing
It was a Wednesday when this shit was typed

My father was the kind of a father that always ask you why. Why this? Why that? He was my persona socrates. He likes science fiction and it's a maker/tech-junking. I think he is the reason why I doubt everything and why I challenge authority. Add to the recipe my training as a scientist, a physicist to be more accurate, and you have a human who collects more questions than answers. That trait of my dramatis persona is annoying (not to me of course). People focus on that trait to tell me I'm insecure which in a way I guess it's true.

My belief, however, is that people has this tendency to be avoid the unknown. It give them the illusion to be in control. Why people needs to be in control? I dunno. I don't think I'm the right person to answer that.

That trait, to doubt everything, allows me to be in this growning mindset. Maybe that's the reason why I love to read nonfiction books. Maybe that's the reason I prefer to be a multidisciplinary person rather than be an expert on something (again, people need to have this sense of security and who better to provide it than an expert on something).

Failing. I love failing. My life is a sequence of great mistakes. But I also focus on learn from my failures.

Expertise. I still have one thing to say about it. Titles. Why we need titles? I'm the founder of this. I'm the CEO. Fuck that shit. For all I care you can be a sexist pig. Sorry, pigs, you are fucking awesome.

Sometimes I think that titles are meant to make people feel important and special. Fuck it.

I'm not important. There are a million Indians or Chineses, supersmarts and shit.

In any case, important in what context? Things are not absolutes and certainly they are not isolated. Titles. For Odin's beard.

And while I'm ranting what the fuck people? Cursing? You know, what? No, cursing deserves one long post on the stupid things humans follow.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. Leo Tolstoy