Do Not Take The High Road
It was a Wednesday when this shit was typed

Or take, not my choice.

But here is the thing. I think we got it wrong.

The road to perfection is pain.

The road to perfection is failure.

I think we got it wrong. There is no destiny. No fate. No meaning. This is just it. But we can create destiny. We can create fate. We create meaning every single moment. That's what the brain does.

So, the brain does better things by failing which it is the only way to learn. It needs data, all kind of data. The more, the better. Ones the brains figure things out, you get bored. You need something else. It needs to keep moving or it goes crazy. Private your sense and see it for yourself.

From A to B. But you need be to be impossible otherwise you will need another point. And another. And another. Stop.

Do not take the high road. We made that up. Instead, think. What is the right thing to do? What's right? Don't be lazy. Think. Analyze. Don't expect answers. Just think for youself.

Do not take the high road. There is no such thing. It's only a context to play around. Play the game. But not theirs. Play your game.

Just don't take it too serious.

if you know the outcome, why bother? Alan Watts