Things I believe

  1. How can I help? I think the only way to be the best leader is by being of service to others.
  2. I will hold your heart more tenderly than my own. I will. For some reason, I think I can take all the pain in the Cosmos.
  3. The less forgivable the act, the more must be forgiven. The less loveable the person is, the more you must find the means to love them. I have learnt that the hard way but I believe I must follow such principle.
  4. I think everyone has something to offer and they are always open to do that. The problem is there are so many things affecting us that we tend to be mean to each other, however, this means I believe humans have a good heart.
  5. Any one has the capacity to become awesome at something. The reasons why people look for expertise, in the end, I believe, has nothing to do with the actual matter. I'd rather collaborate with someone up for a challange than with some expert on the matter.
  6. We need one another. Anyone can do things on its own... Perhaps not everything. However, I believe doing things together makes the experience more fun.
  7. You are going to fail. And so will I. That's the way it is and I'm fine with the logic behind. Do fail. By all means, do it.
  8. I'm an open book. I trust you by default. And if you decide to break that trust, that's alright. You will save me some time. I'm all about creating long lasting friendships and time is of the essence.
  9. There are social conventions, social cues and sugar coding. I don't understand any of them. Just be straight with me. I won't get offended. Otherwise, there will be misunderstanding. I guarantee that.


  1. I enjoy people in very, very short amounts of time: I get bored. It's not people's fault but rather that I'm poorly made. After a few decades on the planet I finally know why. The reason why I can't be too much around people is because I'm happy. And when I'm happy my baggage, my traumas as a child, push me away as a defense mechanism. I don't want to lose that happiness. I don't want to lose that people in my life. This is quite sad since I cannot fix that. I can only cope with it.
  2. I'm way too idealistic: I find impossible things very appealing so I aim to that.
  3. I hate myself: Most of the time my stupidity doesn't pay off so...
  4. I tend to be the stand up guy: but I think it's because deep down I want to be the hero. Because heroes get to be loved and accepted. And, as I have discovered, I was rejected since early childhood and in so I have no place where I feel at home.
  5. I'm not sure about anything: I blame my training in physics.
  6. I'm very pessimistic: My pessimism is the fuel of my optimism.
  7. I get bored a lot: This most likely is a brain issue. A brain issue what was fixed at early stage of childhood.
  8. I need to be busy: I used to believe it was an existential reason but now I know it's because my childhood trauma.
  9. I care how I dress: Well, I do. I enjoy fashion as an art.
  10. I care how I look: When you are not handsom, all you have is artificial aesthetics.