I make things and great mistakes. I enjoy woodworking and books (mostly non-fiction). I love working with companies with a learning organization culture or similiar approaches.

Employment History

Coder, Freelancing Ruby, Vue, React, Docker, Sidekiq, Postgres

Aug '09 - @ Remote
Activities: I work remotely for companies mostly in U.S.A. doing features and/or fixing bugs.
Mistakes: I usually fail at adapting to their management style.

Ruby Developer, Reverse Retail GmbH Ruby, Docker, Sidekiq, Postgres

Nov 2019 – Jun 2020 @ Hamburg, Germany
Activities: Most of the things I did on a daily basis was fixing bugs. I did create a scrapping system. On the legacy code, I added a couple small features. Other activities were reviewing PRs and helped other developers with their issues.
Mistakes: I failed at dealing with managers or the lack of it.

Ruby Developer, Bytestand Ruby, Docker, Sidekiq, Postgres, Vue, ShopifyAPI, Mailgun API

Mar 2019 – Sept 2019 @ Remote, Charlotte, USA
Activities: I worked on the legacy code of one of the platforms called Bytestand. That consisted in adding a few features and fixing major bugs. I re-engineered the frontend for another platform called FreshCredit. The frontend was done with VueJS framework.
Mistakes: I failed at working with none-agile environments.

Ruby Developer, Cultivate Labs Ruby, Postgres, jQuery

Oct 2018 – Jan 2019 @ Remote, Chicago, USA
Activities: I added a couple of features: basically the customizable forms where users can create their own forms with as many different DOM elements among other stuff.
Mistakes: Apparently none.

Ruby Developer, Icalia Labs Ruby, Rust, Postgres, Docker, jQuery, React, Redux, Angular, Sidekiq, Sendgrid API, Stripe API, Twilio API, RabbitMQ

Mar 2016 – Sep 2018 @ Monterrey, Mexico
Activities: I worked with development teams to increase their productivity. I was in charge of PR reviews. I worked as a technical consultant for new projects. I created a few platforms with Rails, Sidekiq, Redis with third-party services such as Twilio, Sendgrid, Realstate APIs, Google APIs, and IBM Watson APIs. All this under the infrastructure of Docker (Swarm) on AWS.
Mistakes: I failed in delivering features on time. I failed in trying to manage too many projects. I failed in giving feedback to work collegues.

Ruby/Angular/iOS Developer, Eolus IDeA Ruby, Postgres, jQuery, Angular, Sidekiq, Sendgrid API, Conekta API

Feb 2014 – Feb 2016 @ Monterrey, Mexico
Activities: I created two platforms for company. My work consisted in developing the backend, frontend and iOS native app. I also managed the deployment on AWS.
Mistakes: I failed on delivering features on time.

Ruby/iOS Developer, Alebrije Estudios Ruby, Postgres, MySQL, jQuery, Angular, DelayedJob, Sendgrid API, Conekta API, iOS

May 2013 – Feb 2014 @ Monterrey, Mexico
Activities: I managed 4 ongoing projects. I delivered a few iOS apps with Rails backends. I also managed the new developers onboarding.
Mistakes: I failed how to deliver feedback in the beginning. Sometimes chaos was too much that I failed in organization the daily activities for myself and the group.

References available upon request